With COVID still a wide concern in many areas around the country, some are questioning whether to continue the tradition of trick-or-treating this Halloween. If you are concerned about the virus in your area and want to ensure you and your family are staying safe, these fun (and socially distant) alternatives will keep your Halloween spooky!


Virtual Costume Contest

Keep the Halloween spirit alive with a virtual costume contest with your family and friends! This way, you can still dress up in your perfect costume, yet no in-person contact is necessary. Plus, you can add a fun prize for the winner!


Grab-n-Go Bags

Handing out candy, or even setting up a candy bowl outside, still allows for the spread of germs. A better solution is to make individual goodie bags prior to Halloween. Then, set those out for trick-or-treaters to grab a bag to avoid mixing germs.


Scavenger Hunt

Put together a Halloween themed scavenger hunt for your kids around your house. You can hide candy, Halloween knick-knacks, or even other fun prizes for them to find. Keep it festive with Halloween costumes for the whole family!


Halloween Projects at Home

Even before COVID, Halloween brought seasonal activities and crafts to enjoy, such as pumpkin carving. If you decide to forego trick-or-treating, plan a pumpkin carving c0ntest with the family, or paint Halloween-themed masks to wear while you wave to trick-or-treaters. You could also organize a Halloween-themed game night, set up a pinata, or just enjoy your favorite Halloween movies.


For those who decide to continue the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating, don’t forget to wear a mask and sanitize frequently. Pick one piece of candy, and stick with it – no more digging around the bowl! In addition, talk with your children about the virus concerns so that they are conscious of safety measures, such as social distancing, refraining from large groups, and limiting contact to those in your household. If you are ok inviting a few of their friends to tag along, check guest’s temperature prior to coming in the home, and make sure they aren’t experiencing any COVID symptoms.

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