The summer heat is finally behind us, and we are embracing the nice fall weather! With winter on its way, homeowners should use this time to make necessary modifications to their home before the bitter cold weather approaches. Here are a few quick items to add to your checklist that will ensure your home is safe and prepared.


Seal cracks in doors and windows
Inspect your house for any air leaks in between trim and siding, around door
and window frames and at the entry points of wires and pipes. Seal them up
with caulk to prevent any moisture from sneaking in during the winter.

Clean your gutters
Remove leaves, twigs, and any other gunk, and make sure your gutters
aren’t sagging and loose. Replace them if necessary. While checking these,
inspect the roof for damaged shingles or vents.

Check fireplace & chimney
Clean the fireplace, make sure the damper opens and closes properly, and have
the chimney swept if necessary. Then stock up on firewood to prepare for the

Prepare heating equipment
Get your heating system checked and furnace filters changed out and ready for

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Replace the batteries in both your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to
ensure they are working properly.

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