Whether you are ready to list your home or expect to stay put a few more years, check out these top seven home improvements — the most important from an interior designer’s point of view.

1. Color Palettes

Instead of painting rooms wild, brash colors, designers recommend neutral colors, while adding color and personalization using small items like lamps and pillows. When selling, neutral colors appeal to the widest audience of potential buyers.

2. Scale of Furniture

Designers’ eyes will assess if furniture is too large or small for a space. Balance is key, and if the scale is off, buyers will feel it even if they cannot articulate it. A designer will advise you on the right size pieces, based on your room dimensions and layout, as well as which pieces to remove so your rooms feel more spacious.

3. Furniture Layout

Does your furniture arrangement make sense? Can people walk through a room without tripping on furniture? A design expert is practiced at knowing how to arrange your pieces so that walkways are clear.

4. Carpet & Flooring

When selling, replacing carpet is a manageable expense with a big impact. Dust, pet dander, and other allergens can accumulate over time, and well-worn traffic patterns are a big turnoff. Replacing it on behalf of your buyers will check one move-in expense off their list, and could clinch a sale. If you expect to stay for a few years, you’ll get to enjoy it.

5. Granite

Solid surface countertops remain popular and can be a cost-effective upgrade to bathrooms and kitchens. Remnant pieces often work for smaller bathroom vanities. Choose neutral colors, and when paired with painted cabinets, you’ll transform your bathroom or kitchen.

6. Bathroom Updates

Catch-words like “updated” and “modern” attract buyers, but what about when a full-scale remodel is not in the financial cards? Smaller-scale improvements can make a big impact. Sometimes ceramic tile can be resurfaced in a neutral color (think a 1950s bathroom with pink or green tile), and grout can be cleaned, as opposed to redoing the entire bath. A colored tub can be reglazed to white or off-white at a fraction of the replacement cost. And paint can cover dings, nicks, and scratches, giving your cabinets new life.

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7. Water Fixtures Home Improvements

Consider replacing plumbing fixtures with newer, water-saving models. Most newer homes have the latest models, but if your home is older, think about replacing faucets and toilets. Low-flow faucets and toilets may not be glamorous, but they will reduce your water usage and bill. This is a worthy improvement.


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